WiFi you’ll simply adore.


A connection you can trust.

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Adored Wifi:

The Internet Service Provider (ISP)


That will finally give you the connection, reliability, and the support you’ve been searching for.


Let’s Face it.

Your relationship with your current internet service provider is on the rocks;

  • You’re losing connection

  • They’re just not as reliable as they promised to be

  • You’ve had one foot out the door for a while now

  • You’ve felt stuck, but what are your other options?

We understand that changing internet service providers can be intimidating.

What will your family think if you bring home a new service? How do you tell your current provider that you’re leaving?

We’re here to walk you through the process and finally get you the connection that you deserve.


It’s time to fall in love with your new internet service provider.


We are,


Paying your bill won’t feel like a blind date every month. You can say goodbye to hidden fees, unnecessary bundles, and over-complicated contracts. We’re hassle free, and our high-speed service won’t leave you waiting.

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We are a down-to-earth and approachable team, ready to get real with you about the internet service that you deserve. Your questions will always be taken seriously, and we’ll never make you listen to elevator music.

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We’re built using minim, a software which provides holistic, network-level threat protection to safeguard all vulnerable, and often unpatchable, home devices.


Adored WiFi

Is launching in downtown Manchester, NH!

High Speed Internet starting at $60/month. All inclusive.